Going to the bookshop to get books as presents 

Ending up getting books as presents for yourself

(I know I’m not the kind to make many personal posts, as so far I’ve mainly posted gif sets and I’m not quite sure of your feelings towards personal shit, but I’m very excited about this one experience so, here it is)

I was discussing some assignment with a friend that I’ve just recently made in university, when we used the term ‘senpai’, and suddenly, out of nowhere, a japanese woman appeared and asked us if we were speaking Japanese. Turns out she was looking for conversation partners to learn Spanish so I instantly volunteered and exchanged numbers with her. I’m genuinely so excited about this, as it’ll definitely help me with the language, but I’m so nervous at the same time about screwing this up. 

A little note; you might want to use the term “disgusted” rather than “despised”; it’s subtle, but it makes a difference…

Thanks for the note. I actually thought of using ‘disgusted’ along with another two different terms, but in the end I settled on ‘despised’, I can’t remember why, it just sounded better to me. English is not my first language, so I find these matters rather difficult sometimes and not as obvious; would you be so kind to explain that subtle difference?